The rule of 5 flavors in Thai cuisine

The rule of 5 flavors in Thai cuisine

Some time ago we introduced you to the origin of Thai cuisine. You’ve learned what its beginnings were and what you can really find on plates in this wonderful country.


Thai cuisine is known to everyone perfectly for its original taste and beautiful aroma. Everyone who was at least once in Thailand knows that the dishes served there are uniquely delicious.


Despite the influence of different cultures, Thai chefs decided to distinguish their native dishes and created their own rules in composing meals. Since then, Thailand has the main rule – five flavors. What does this mean?


It has been assumed that every dish should contain not only the beloved spicy flavor, but also a bit of sweetness, acidity, saltiness, and a bit of bitterness.


This perfect combination of flavors and aromas is a harmony and pleasure of life that is very important for Thai people. Something you will not find anywhere else.


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