Loyalty Program Regulations

Loyalty Program Regulations

Azia Restaurants Loyalty Program Regulations

§ 1. Introduction

The Regulations define the rules of operation and conditions of participation of Participants in the loyalty program of Azia Restaurants. The loyalty program involves collecting points by Participants using the Mobile Application and exchanging points for Prizes.

The Organizer of the Loyalty Program is “Azia Concept”, ul. Jana Pawła 82 unit 1.05, 00 – 175 Warszawa, tax number NIP: 1132916587.

§ 2. Definitions

─         Loyalty program – a loyalty program organized on the terms set out in these Regulations by the Organizer;

─         Regulations – the present Loyalty Program Regulations and its annexes;

─         Organizator – „Azia Concept”,  ul. Jana Pawła 82unit 1.05 , 00- 175 Warszawa, tax number NIP:1132916587

─         Participant – a natural person having full legal capacity and residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland who is a customer of the Organizer and who purchases products or services in the Organizer’s Outlets;

─         Prizes – products, services or other benefits received by Participants from the Organizer under the Loyalty Program;

─         Organizer’s outlet – sales outlets where the Organizer enables Participants to use the Loyalty Program, listed in Annex 2 to the Regulations;

─         Mobile Application – an application enabling Participants to collect points under the Loyalty Program, using mobile phones or other mobile devices as described in the Regulations of the Mobile Application;

─         Regulations of the Mobile Application – Regulations defining the terms and conditions of use of the Mobile Application by Participants, available at http://loyaltyplant.com/terms.html;

─         LoyaltyPlant Ltd – LoyaltyPlant Ltd 1 Lumley Street, London, W1K 6TT; Company registration No: 09762277.

§ 3. Conditions of participation and operation of the Loyalty Program

To participate in the Loyalty Program a Participant shall meet the following conditions:

  • having a mobile phone or other mobile device enabling the use of the Mobile Application;
  • having an active (installed) Mobile Application on his or her mobile phone or other mobile device.

The rules for awarding Points to Participants are set out in Annex 1 to the present Regulations. The Mobile Application will provide up-to-date information about promotions, available Prizes, the number of points required to receive the Prize and the duration of a particular promotional campaign.

The points obtained by the Participant will be credited to the Participant’s individual account in the Mobile Application after the Organizer verifies that the Participant has earned them correctly.

The Participant can check the number of points through the Mobile Application. The points collected by the Participant shall be exchanged for Prizes or used to purchase products or services in the Organizer’s Outlets designated by the Organizer via the Mobile Application.

Exchanging points for a Prize or purchasing a good or service results in a corresponding decrease in the number of Participant’s points.

The loyalty program shall not be combined with any promotions, discounts or other loyalty campaigns offered by the Organizer.

The scope of the Participant’s data collection, its processing and making available is specified in the Regulations of the Mobile Application.

§ 4. Termination of participation in the Loyalty Program

The Participant may resign from participation in the Loyalty Program at any time by submitting to the Organizer an appropriate statement in writing or via email to kontakt@azia.pl or by uninstalling the Mobile Application on a phone or mobile device in order to stop using the Mobile Application.

The resignation of the Participant from participation in the Loyalty Program results in the automatic loss of all points collected by the Participant.

Termination or suspension of an individual account of the Participant for reasons specified in the Regulations of the Mobile Application is tantamount to resignation of the Participant from the Loyalty Program.

The Organizer has the right to terminate the Participant’s participation in the Loyalty Program, as well as the right to refuse to grant Prizes or other benefits connected with the Loyalty Program, if the Participant grossly fails to comply with the rules set out in the present Regulations.

The Organizer wishing to suspend or terminate the Loyalty Program will inform Participants about it via the Mobile Application at least 30 days in advance. In the period indicated in the preceding sentence, the Participant is entitled to receive Prizes for the collected points.

§ 5. Complaints

Complaints referring to the Loyalty Program may be logged in writing to the address of the Organizer or via email to kontakt@azia.pl within 21 days from the date of the cause of the Complaint.  

A Complaint should consist of Participant’s first name and surname, Participant’s address and the reason of the Complaint.

A Complaint shall be considered by the Organizer within 14 days since the date of its receipt. In the event the Organizer fails to answer the Complaint within 14 days, it shall be deemed approved.

The Participant will be informed about the decision regarding the Complaint via email or the Mobile Application.

Provisions of the Regulations with respect to the Complaints do not violate the Participants rights resulting from the provisions of law, in particular provisions defining the consumers rights.

§ 6. Personal Data

The Organizer is not the administrator of personal data within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 102, item 926).

Personal data are administered by the LoyaltyPlant Ltd – the administrator of the Mobile Application.

§ 7. Amendments to the Regulations

The Organizer wishing to change the Regulations will inform the Participants via the Mobile Application 14 days in advance of the date set for introducing changes to the Regulations by publishing new regulations and publishing information about changes.

In the event of a change in the Regulations, the Participant has the right to resign from participation in the Loyalty Program within 30 days from the date of notification of the change in the Regulations.

§ 8. Final provisions

All statements and correspondence regarding the Loyalty Program should be sent to the address: “Azia Concept”, ul. Jana Pawła 82 unit 1.05, 00 – 175 Warszawa, tax number NIP: 1132916587 or via email: kontakt@azia.pl

In matters not regulated by the present Regulations, provisions of the Polish Civil Code and other provisions of generally applicable law shall apply.

Annex 1

Rules for awarding points

For each PLN 1 spent, the Participant receives 1 point. In case of a bill amounting to an incomplete amount of PLN – for the purposes of receiving points the bill is rounded as follows:

amounts ending in less than 51 groszy –  shall be rounded down to full PLN;

amounts ending in 51 groszy or more – shall be rounded up to full PLN.

The minimum value of purchased goods entitling to receive points is PLN 20. The maximum value of purchased goods entitling to receive points is 5000 PLN.

Annex 2

List of outlets

Names and addresses of the Organizer’s outlets:

“Azia Concept”, ul. Jana Pawła 82 unit 1.05, 00 – 175 Warszawa, tax number NIP: 1132916587

Godziny składania zamówień: 12:00 - 20:00